There is no limit to how many coupons you can earn during the month of July. Each order must equal at least $50 before shipping and sales tax in order to qualify.


Question: If I place an order for $49 today and I place another order for $10 tomorrow, will I still get Bonus Days coupons since I ordered more than $50 total that week?

Answer: No. The dollar amount is not cumulative, and it does not combine more than one order over time. The total for EACH order must be $50 or more to get your $5 Bonus Days coupon. Hint: make out your wish list first and keep adding to it before completing your order to make sure you don’t miss out on your Bonus Days coupons!

Question: If you place one order of $100, do you get two $5 Bonus coupons?

Answer: Yes! And if you place one order of $150, you will get three $5 Bonus Days coupons, and so on, in $50 increments.

Question: If my order is almost $100, is it really worth it for me to round up my order to $100 to get the $5 coupon?

Answer: Yes! If your order is only $90 , you will want to find $10 in product to order today so you can get $10 in Bonus Days coupons. You would actually be losing money NOT to do so.

Question: When do I get my $5 Bonus Days coupons and how do I get them?

Answer: You will receive them by email in August. You will get a separate email for each order that qualified for a coupon.

Question: How do I redeem my Bonus Days Coupons?

Answer: CLICK HERE for instructions on how to use your Bonus Days coupons to get your free products when ordering in August.

Question: What if I don’t order online? Can I still get my coupons?

Answer: Yes! Discuss this with your demonstrator to find out how they are going to handle this.

***** For my customers: I will be using your name and email address when entering your orders so your Bonus Day coupons will be emailed directly to you. When you place your order in August, simply share your coupon codes with me so I can apply your savings to your order at that time.

*** Remember, Bonus Days coupons are calculated in $50 increments and each order is counted separately.

Please feel free to contact me or comment below with any questions you may have.

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